Social Media Strategy

There are more than 60 million brands with a Facebook page, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your business won’t be successful if it’s not present on Facebook. Each social media was created to satisfy specific needs and market demands, so before you unanimously decide to create a new social profile, a marketing research is needed.


  • Analyse the pros/cons of each Social Media in reference to your business
  • Investigate the competitors’ approach
  • Check the brand’s resources to support this endeavour
  • Prioritize and schedule the new social media openings

Creation/Redesign of Social Media Accounts/Pages

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare

Daily Management of Social Media Accounts/Pages

  • Copywriting
  • Graphics design
  • Responses

Social Crisis Management

  • Bad publicity/comments handling
  • Abuse/impersonation report

Social Media Advertising

Monitoring & Reporting of Social Media Performance